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Smiley Antenna Mini Rubber Duck


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I'm thinking about trying a new antenna. The Smiley Antenna Mini Rubber Duck to be specific. I was wondering if anyone else had used this antenna? Did it negatively effect your RX capabilities at all? It's quite a bit shorter then any of the "stock" antennas I have seen. 



Link https://bettersaferadio.com/smiley-antenna-mini-rubber-duck-gmrs-465mhz-sma-m/

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I believe there are two stubby antennas offered by them. The 2.5" and then a 1.25" or something close...

The same feller that bought some Wouxun KG-935G Plus has ordered two of the 2.5" Smileys. I'll try to paraphrase his report as soon as we test them. He and I know each other "in real life", and we tested our radios through a local repeater last week. [<-- link] We'll test again when he gets those Smileys. 

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