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Hello all,

I was just curious, what radio do you all use for your daily driver? How do you typically use it? I know there are hams on here as well, so I would be curious if any of you hams have MARS modded radios and use it to monitor GMRS/MURS/FRS while using it for ham activities? I have a MARS mod Icom ID-52a and use it for regular ham and Dstar activities, but I also like to scan the GMRS/MURS/FRS channels while I am in town. When out camping and hiking with family I have four Baofeng UV-9G's that I give to my wife and kids so we can all talk together and also so I don't have to use my Icom and risk it getting broken while out in the Alaskan wilderness.  So, what radios do you use on a daily basis and do any of you hams use modded radios to listen to GMRS/MURS/FRS channels? 

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For GMRS all vehicles (mine and my parents) have midlands. I also run commercial Motorola(APX) gear in all my vehicles for PS/Ham/GMRS if needed. When on the jeep trails I'll normally have my Motorola T600 on my belt as its a durable little unit and at end of day wash it off in the sink for the next day. What ham stuff I do have (for APRS) is only used for ham stuff. No need or reason to mod it.

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In the Jeep, I'm running two 110w XTL5000 radios (one for VHF and one for UHF). I also have some customized Yaesu FMT-300DRs for same band/crossband VHF/UHF repeater systems and an FT-891 HF radio.


I have entirely too many radios at home to bore people with... but the flavor is a variety of Icoms such as an IC-745, IC-746 Pro, IC-7000 and IC-7300. I have a bunch of HTs; mostly Baofeng and Yaesu. Also a 300w VHF Amp (FM and SSB) for when tropo ducts are the place to be or if I want to mess around during a VHF contest.


I really want  991a. I need to stop making excuses and just buy one.

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