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PL-259 through the firewall.



I purchased a Nagoya RB-700N antenna mount. I'm mounting it on the hood of my truck due to height restrictions.  The reviews stated that the PL-259 connector could be removed in order to help the cable pass through the firewall.  Question; Can the PL-259 be disassembled to pass through a smaller opening in the firewall or do I have to cut the cable and install a new connector?  Despite the reviews, I can't seem to figure out a way to remove the connector.  Am I missing something?  Thanks to all.

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Most can't be passed through without leaving a big hole and requiring a grommet to seal said hole.

I have used a coax that had an fme connector (barely larger then rg58). Came with a fme to pl259 adapter. It was pretty slick if you ask me.

Most of the time you need to snip off the connector to get it through tight spaces and crimp on a new connector.

Contact the vendor to see if it can be disassembled for installation with instructions.

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