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Programing a Repeater into Baofeng GM-15 Pro



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You cannot change the frequency of any of the channels (1 through 30), BUT for the repeater channels, which might be labelled RPT-1 thrugh RPT-8, you CAN change the CTCSS (Continuous Tone Code Signal System) to match the repeater's required CTCSS (sometimes called PL). Doesn't matter what mode you're in, Memory or VFR (Variable Frequency mode). Press the green button with the horizontal lines on it (hereafter called the Menu Key), and then 1 and then 2 (the number 12). This will take you to the CTCSS setting, Press the Menu key to go down to the number or whatever is there, and then press the up or down keys to get to the CTCSS setting you want. AT THIS POINT YOU MUST PRESS THE MENU KEY AGAIN, NOT ANYTHING ELSE. The voice prompt should say "Confirm." 

That's the way it works for all the Menu settings. If the voice prompt doesn't say "Confirm" then you can't do whatever you're trying to do. Chirp doesn't work, and I couldn't get the app for the Radioddity GM-30 to work either, though there are some on the internet that say it does work. I've requested the Chirp people to do a program for it, but I don't have any hopes that they will. But it's a nice radio, and certainly a lot of radio for the $.

Good luck.

--Bill, K6BLL

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Bill, let me ask you.

I cannot change Tx on any of the channels, and repeater channels are preprogrammed with Tx and Rx frequencies.

Repeaters here are listed only with one frequency.

But what is the output frequency? Some kind of standard shift applied?

How can I make sure that it's the same as my preprogrammed ones?

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