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TK-880H Programming questions/issues



Hello All,


   Recently, my brother and I both bought 2 TK-880H 40 watt radios on eBay. Most of the research I did prior to purchasing these indicated that you should be able to program these devices manually. However, both will not go into field programming mode, which is a bummer. So, can any of you guys point me in the correct direction to obtain the software that I'll need to take care of this and get these things programmed and working? I bought a Sundely USB to RJ-45 programming cable that had good reviews for the TK 880, but I am not very clear on software. There aren't any radio shops near me that I could go to for this, unfortunately. So, this is something that I'll need to be able to do on my PC.


When I turn the radio on, it says "Version 1.5209", then it says that it is in trunked mode (looks like it must have been programmed for a school district), and the back label says TK-880H -1 Ver 2.0. As I understand it, the 2.0 indicates that I can use the windows based software. Anyway, any insight you guys could provide would be much appreciated. Thanks

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You can get the KPG-29D software here where I got my copy:



Yes, removing the jumper or zero ohm resistor from the back of the front panel and enabling the FPP feature via the software works great! BTW, the -1 indicates that it does have the bands for ham and GMRS use...

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