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A Script to Help Networked Repeater


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I have a shell script that you might enjoy.  I am just putting my Node / Repeater in service.  This was originally written for ham nodes.  If you operate or debug using a console session (SHH, PUTTY, etc.) and you want to send the repeater a DTMF command you can pick up a radio or type a somewhat long command.  Script "rpt" from the console makes it easy.

Simulates sending DTMF command  *3111     >  rpt  *3111  

Simulates sending DTMF command *3222 generating the "*" for you   > rpt  3222

Not a big deal but I use it all the time.


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Forgive me but I am a bit lost here.

When you say send the 'repeater' a command.  Are you referring to outputting DTMF from the audio interface of R-Pi to the actual repeater/secondary controller or are these internal ASL commands to be processed the same as if they came in off the air?

I do the radio stuff fine.  I am one of the people that has very successfully taken a CM108 audio dongle and built a proper working interface for the repeater and got my levels all correct so it don't sound bad on the air. 

But my Linux abilities are a bit lacking and my ASL knowledge is worse. 

But I do have a thought / request if it could be implemented, scripted or however it would need to be done.

My network connection to the tower site is a Microwave link, and it can drop from time to time.  Of course this boots me off the system.

If a script could be created that would look at ASL and see if I am attached to a specific node and if there is no connection run a script to connect me back up that would be VERY handy.

Second issue,  for some reason, and it might be the network dropping, don't know.  My Pi will occasionally go dumb.  Stops running ASL, almost like it has a memory leak or the CPU gets overloaded.  I can log into it, but rebooting it is impossible from the command line.  To the point sudo commands that are suppose to panic the kernel don't work. 

If there was something that would auto reboot the Pi, although I don't know how it would work, and then reconnect the node that would be a God sent as well.


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