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JULY 15 - Radio Expedition to Flagpole Knob


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Hey folks, I am scheduling a radio expedition up to Flagpole Knob. Lets bring handhelds, mobiles, whatever you have. This is going to be a chance to set a personal-best for range of a contact and soak in some nice fresh air. If you have any non-GMRS gear you want to bring, this is a "let play radio" event. Bring it out.

Additionally, I will be setting up my HF radio. Anyone who is interested in trying out the amateur bands and possibly talking to someone in another country from radio to radio, everyone will be welcome to operate my equipment. No need to worry about licensing, as you can operate under my station ID up to the limits of my privileges. No amateur license needed.

As a side note, while will we be taking the easiest entrance to the top of the mountain, a high-clearance vehicle such as a stock SUV or pickup truck is recommended. If you don't have one, post up here and we can see if you can ride up with someone who does.

This is a "weather providing" event. It will be rescheduled if there are chances of rain and lightning.



We will meet at 9:00 AM at the Sheetz gas station in Harrisonburg VA on route 33, just west of route 81, and head up from there. Anyone who plans to arrive at the mountain top later (or earlier), we will be monitoring channel 20 (462.675) while we are there.

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3 hours ago, rivrrat said:

Stock gladiator okay for this trail?


Yes, Sir. 100%. Even on the hard trail, you would be good to go. The trail we are going up is a shade rougher than a poorly maintained dirt road.


I mentioned high clearance vehicles because there are a few spots that are rutted and a "car" will almost certainly get stuck.  Anything with about 4.5"-5" of clearance or more and you will be fine.

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Hey folks.  We are going to move this event to Reddish Knob.  It is accessible with any road worthy vehicle, has a bit more elevation and has a paved surface at the top of the knob.  If you are going to the site from the east (such as from Harrisonburg) it is also about 15 minutes closer than Flagpole Knob.


Let me know if there are any questions, comments or concerns.


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