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TYT TH-UV88 bandwidths


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Does anyone know what the middle bandwidth frequency is?  The manual says wide is 25 KHz and narrow is 12.5KHz.  The manual does not mention the middle bandwidth.  I can't recall any normal setting between wide and narrow.  I know of arguments that wide is really 20 not 25, but I doubt that is what is being called middle.  (The manual incorrectly indicates wide is not available in the USA.)  I do not have any way to measure bandwidth.

Chirp recognizes all three settings, but in copying channels from another radio it left them set at FM which on the UV88 corresponds to the middle bandwidth not wide.  Apparently that means editing the setting for every channel as there is no way to paste one value down a column.

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1 hour ago, BoxCar said:

16K is also used by some.

There is a difference between “occupied” bandwidth and channel spacing. People tend to get the two confused.

25KHz channel spacing - typical 16KHz bandwidth (5KHz deviation)

20KHz channel spacing - typical 14KHz bandwidth (4KHz deviation)

12.5KHz channel spacing - typical 11KHz bandwidth (2.5KHz deviation)

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1 hour ago, UncleYoda said:

I don't know if you're telling me to test or that you tested it.  I don't have an SDR.

Okay. I was just saying that if you had an SDR you could see the width it was taking up graphically. I think its 20k on that radio, but I can't confirm.

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