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Happy with my Midland MXT500....will I be happy with a MXT 575?


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I have had my Midland MXT 500 for about a month now and am 95% happy with it. I wish it had space for more repeated sites. I use the 500 in the Hardened Power Recon G5 as a base station. I am wanting to install a radio to my Equinox and wondered if the 575 would fill the bill. I am looking for a discrete mounting of the radio. Can anyone share their experience in the Midland MXT 575? Likes, Dislikes, difficulty programing, etc.

Thanks in advance.




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I have/have used both.  The form factor of the 575 is much smaller than the 500 but like @marcspaz said, the programming/capabilities are the same, so no more repeater sites than the 500.

If you want a small(ish) form factor with more capabilities have a look at the KG1000G which has a removable/remote-mount faceplate and mic controls or maybe the Wouxun XS-20G.

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I own and like the 575, but after having handhelds with many many more channel capability, I’m seriously considering the KG1000G because I could program in all the repeaters and their respective tones, at least for what I have available in my area. The 500 $ 575 really only allow you to program in one set of repeaters/tones at a time.

I was initially sold on the “Midland-USA” thing, but I’m sure these are all made in China anyway.

If I go KG1000, the 575 would move to my son’s Jeep, as he’s not as into the radios as I am.

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