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Is the range shown on map half the estimated repeater range?


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Hello, new to the forum here. I hope this is an easy question.

There's a repeater near me that says estimated range is 5 miles, but the circle on the map has a radius of about half that. How is the radius shown on the map computed? Shouldn't it match the estimated range?

Thanks in advance,
Jose Miguel

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The range maps are estimated based on a percentage reliability scale. Some people draft the maps with a 70% reliability rate (looks larger) others use an 80% or 90% reliability rate, which makes it look much smaller.


If you move out of the mapped area, that doesn't necessarily mean the repeater isn't usable. It just means service will be spotty and weak. Possibly 50% reliability or less.

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The circle for my repeater is about 8 to 10 miles shorter than it was on the old web site . My repeater has a normal range of 30 miles  to a mobile . When conditions are good it is 50 miles to a mobile.  The web site now is hard to navigate or use unlike the old one that was easy . WRFC958 

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The maps on here are in general terms. Once you factor in terrain along with other factors such as antenna height, gain, power output, line loss at the repeater site, the whole map will look different. What you need to get a better look at what the coverage area is is to plug the info into a heat map. Even then, it wont be 100% accurate, but 95%+ accurate. If you had a repeater set up on an open flat plain with zero obstructions in site, then the maps they provide on here would be more accurate. 

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