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Simple Antenna Advice for both GMRS and Ham



There probably is not any SIMPLE antenna advice for Ham. But let's start with GMRS.

I am going to order 2 Baofeng UV-9 G HTs.

Is there a magnetic mount or some other simple mount mobile antenna that will significantly increase their range.?

Also, is there some simple antenna I can rig in the attic of my two-story house that will make a significant difference with a 5-watt HT?  I expect to get a good mobile unit once I get acclimated with these two Baofengs.

I am currently studying for my Ham exam, and I assume there is some information on antennas in there, but I have not gotten that far yet, and I understand little about matching antennas to frequency, using a n SWR, etc.

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Don't expect big differences with hts. However, the antenna outside in the air is certainly a step in the right direction. The higher up the better.

With antennas in the attic. Make sure you don't have the metallic roof barrier, metal shingles. It will be better but not leaps and margins.

I made my own indoor blade antenna with n9tax twin line jpole and electric track (to hide wires). It's mounted to the kitchen area and goes up 2 stories. Coupled with even a 20 watt radio it gets quite far.

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GMRS is mostly line of sight (LOS) so anything you can do to improve that will help. Taking your hand held up on the roof of your house can make a big difference by getting your house and many near by buildings and obstructions out of the way. The same with a car, getting out of the metal box will help. Elevation will usually make the most difference. Hill top to hill top with nothing in between you might get a hundred miles depending on conditions and the antenna (some HT antennas are better than others). If you are operating in a neighborhood of buildings on flat ground you may only get a couple of blocks. There are lots of variables as you will learn and terrain will play a big roll. Also every barrier that the signal must pass through such as walls, forests even your body absorbs energy and will reduce your range. Keeping the antennas in the clear will do the most good.

An out board antenna on a car or home can make a big difference, keeping the above in mind.


Good luck, have fun and don't be afraid to experiment. It's the only way to know for sure what works for you in your situation.

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