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Vertex VXR-7000 & I-D-Omatic



Hi guys,

Is it possible to have a I-D-Omatic do identification with a Vertex Standard VXR-7000? 

I'm not necessarily looking for a play by play of how to do it but rather a resource to learn how to hook it up. 

Thanks in advance for any guidance you may have. 

Rob (in Michigan) 

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You can enter Dealer Mode in the standard software by adding a couple of letters to your program shortcut when you run it - I dont remember what it is but you can search for it here - it's something like "/D" after the .EXE .. Once in dealer mode you can enable CW-ID and a bunch of other stuff.  Warning: Dont change something if you dont know what it is..
But no sexy voice option.

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26 minutes ago, OffRoaderX said:

Why not just use the automatic CW-ID that is built-in on the VXR-7000?

Found it!!! One,  two sentence paragraph that basically says "enable via the dealer programming".

There's a GMRS repeater in Northern Michigan I'm on all summer long. His repeater has voice identification with a hot chicks voice and I kinda liked it...  My Vertex has only been online for 36 hours replacing a couple Motorola mobiles. I should be content with the upgrade. But, that voice... 😍

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