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Weekend tower work.


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Not GMRS but still UHF radio related and I know several other members own or service licensed part 90 systems. So I thought I would share a few photos from this weekends tower site repair on my business system. Last year I added this site to my Mototrbo IP site connect system, because of costs I cut a few corners and paid the price with an under preforming site. Today's project included installing the new repeater system, replacing the antenna, upgrading from 1/2 to 7/8 feed line and swapping out the 2' standoff for a 4'. Big thanks to my climber, he braved the 29 degree temps and completed the entire project in 4 hours. Yes that's him sitting out on the end of the 4' side arm installing the new antenna. I guess the side arm is now climber tested and approved! Not even with his 50 lbs of safety gear would you catch me sitting out there at 150'. I did some testing on the 50 mile ride home and the site is no longer under preforming. It has exceeded my predictions with15 miles of portable coverage, up from 2 miles.




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Internet and rent cost me 115 a month for 150' feet, I have 2 locations from a locally owned tower company. I hope to work out a similar deal for a 3rd site this year. You have to try and find a smaller tower operator, places like American Tower and Crown Castle want outrages fees. The owner of the company is a great guy and he even climbs still. I was able to find a few other places well I was looking but decided a small company with 20 plus sites was the best option for expansion of the system. 

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