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What is this dial inside Midland MXT275 circuit board?



Hello, and happy new years. 

I own a Midland MXT275 and have been experiencing issues with the receiver. After a lot of searching over the last year I have found this problem to the extreme which I am experiencing is rarely seen but it does exist. For some radios, the picket fencing while moving at any speed renders the radio unintelligible for any channel including WX frequencies. I have changed my terrain, surroundings, speed, antenna, cables, vehicle, and did a side-by-side comparison with another midland handheld and did not have this problem. The radio may be defective but Midland has said they will not replace it as I had another defective one replaced as it would not Tx. 

Long story short, I cracked the radio open today and saw this interesting screw that looks like a potentiometer in the circuitry. I am not an electrical engineer, but have a primordial understanding of electronics however I lack the in-depth knowledge and tools to properly figure out what this thing does and if perhaps it contributes to my problem. 

This is a last resort attempt at salvaging this radio. Any insight is apreciated!



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1. Picket fencing while moving is not uncommon. Does it stop when you are stationary?

2. If you don’t know what that screw is there’s absolutely no reason to think that it is related to your picket fencing problem.

3. My radio picket fences while moving too. I pull over to use it. In my case it affects my transmissions, not my reception. 

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