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New to GMRS. I can hear transmissions , but when I try, there is no answer. Any suggestions?



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Or you have no tones set so you’re hearing everything but without a transmit tone you can’t get in. 
Or both. 

3 hours ago, OffRoaderX said:

Could be any number of aBazillion reasons, but based on all the details you have provided I am guessing that you are hearing a repeater, but trying to talk back on a simplex channel instead of the repeater channel.


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What channels are you hearing this on? 15 -22 shares receive frequencies with repeater channels so it’s possible that they are coming through a repeater so they may not hear you. It’s possible also you are just too far away to reach them even though you can hear them or they may have tones set and don’t hear you. 

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I agree with Randy. Channel 15 through 22 are also the same Rx frequencies as the 8 repeated channels so you can hear people talking on the repeated channels but you don't have the +5MHz offset or the tone of the repeated set so they can't hear you.

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