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KG-935G Plus Bands vs Frequencies and an Antenna Question



The owner's manual for the Wouxun KG-935G Plus states the supported frequency bands are 136.000 - 174.995 MHz and 400.000 - 479.995 MHz. I believe GMRS channels are found within the 462 and 467 frequencies. That said, I am a little confused on the relationship between frequency designations like 70 cm and 2 meter and abbreviations like VHF, UHF. Are 70 cm and 2 meter bands references to a range of frequencies found within a larger range of frequency bands like VHF and UHF, or is there more to it than that? If the KG-935G Plus supports 136.000 - 174.995 MHz and 400.000 - 479.995 MHz frequency bands, that means receive only vs transmit right? So I can only listen in on those frequencies? If there are repeaters in my area dedicated to those supported/receive only frequencies, can I program them into my radio as well (just like a GMRS repeater)?

Also, the stock antenna for the KG-935G Plus is a GMRS antenna, so does that mean it is best suited for the GMRS frequencies within 462 and 467, but not so much for the other frequencies the radio can receive on, or will it work for all frequencies the radio can transmit and receive on? For frequencies 136.000 - 174.995 MHz and 400.000 - 479.995 MHz, is it best to use an antenna that has been tuned to those frequencies rather than the stock antenna, and is it common practice to switch between antennas depending on the frequencies you want to listen to?

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GMRS radios are only allowed to transmit on GMRS frequencies/channels 462/467 Mhz. All other bands covered are receive only.

70cm and 2m refer to the wavelength of the band. Very High Frequency VHF is 2 meters long and Ultra High Frequency UHF is 70 cm long for one full wave. The higher the frequency the shorter the wave length.

Antenna's are made to transmit within the advertised band but can usually receive a much wider range than they can transmit on.

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