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Coax and cnnectors


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12 minutes ago, WRWI876 said:

I was gifted around 300 ft of FXL540 hard-line coax.  Does anyone know where I can find connectors and any termination tools for it?  Perhaps any information on what all connectors will work with it


That’s a nice gift.  Here’s a place that carried it before it was discontinued and it looks like they have connectors.


Here’s the data sheet: PD325023.PDF


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I scored around 300ft of hardline and had the same question. I watched Youtube videos on how to terminate the cable, tools required, etc. Since the connectors are around $25/each I didn't want to screw it up. I ended up just measuring how long I wanted the cables and took it to the local Motorola shop. The local shop is very active in the ham radio world and has a club station. I bought the connectors and they cut the cable to length and terminated them for free. Don't know if you have somebody around that has the tools and knowledge, it might be worth checking around.

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26 minutes ago, CALO50 said:

I’ve successfully installed connectors on coax for non-radio use. Is there any special attention/handling/tools needed for radio antenna coax connectors? 

Are you talking about F connectors for cable TV? I've installed many connectors for RF, both crimp and solder styles, using both PL-259 and BNC connectors, and to me the most important things are making sure before you install the coax that there is continuity from one end to the other on both the ground (shield) and the center conductor, and that there is no short between the conductor and the shield.

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