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All new to the GRMS and repeater world. I have Baofeng UV-5G Plus radios. The problem I am having is understanding exactly how to program in a repeater. 

My repeater channels are from 23 to 30 and have a + showing in the screen. 

The repeater on mygrms.com shows 462.70000 with a 141.3 tone. That is channel 29 on my radio. I went to the menu and put in the tones for TX and RX with no problem. There was no offset showing on the repeater on mygrms.com so I did not put one in. What I don't understand is when I key the radio the TX frequency changes to 467.7000 and the RX comes back to what it should be. Since the site does not show the 467.7000 for TX or RX I am assuming that is why nobody is hearing me. 

Can you please explain what is going on or what I am doing wrong? 

Thank you. 

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The offset is 462.700 +5Mhz = 467.700 - thats what you are seeing on the screen when you transmit. Because it's a GMRS radio, you dont have to worry about entering the offset because it's all automatic.

The radio is working 100% as it should.  If people aren't hearing you it is because you are either not in range of the repeater (just because you can hear it does not mean you cant hit/use it from your radio), you put in the wrong tone, or did something else wrong. 

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Some times repeaters are just very quiet. This morning I was on two different repeaters that are usually very active but both were quiet. It just happens sometimes. There are other repeaters I monitor that are quiet almost all the time. Very rarely is there any traffic on them. This goes for both GMRS and ham repeaters.

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