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Does there need to be an electrical connection to the ground plane?


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My magnetic NMO mount came with a rubberized shoe that fits around its base, presumably to not scratch the roof of a vehicle the antenna is attached to. Does this insulation degrade (or completely eliminate) the benefit of a ground plane? With the rubberized shoe over the base, there's no metal-to-paint or metal-to-metal contact with the vehicle's roof.



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Your "rubberized shoe" will block DC current.

 . . . but radio waves are not DC, they are AC, and the higher the AC frequency, the more that signal will see that close by metal car body as a short to the antenna base

460+mhz is really really fast wiggling AC, it sees the base of the antenna and the car body as connected.

Fear not



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Simple, easy explanation by '946.

Also, the vehicle is painted, so there would still be no electrical connection even it the base of the mag mount were bare metal.    The larger the area under the antenna, the more effective  the "ground plane" will be as part of the antenna system.

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