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When to upgrade to AE


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This past weekend at field day the local club held testing as usual. Several there encouraged me to test to upgrade. My response was I didn't feel comfortable yet as a general to upgrade. Several basically it will show you how the test is. They know I've been going over the pool questions. I just didn't think knowing the questions was good enough. A few of the older guys gave me the knowing approval over my not taking the test. Outside were others setting up field day ops with the portable tower and I hear one of the "extras" saying the plug doesn't match my radio (n connector). What do I do? I kept my mouth shut as im just a general... when do you people think it is right to upgrade? Let's not go the code no code route..

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I kind of understand about trying to explain something to someone that may have a higher rank or profession, sometimes all you can really do is just go along with it. Even if you do say something, sometimes the higher party will just continue believing that they are correct. Reminds me when I tried to tell my cable provider to not cut that coax because there is cable service in another room beyond the wall. He didn't listen. Lucky for me I can clean that up by adding a coupler and a splitter when he leaves. Anyways, It's kind of two side story deal. One side I'd say only go for it if you feel it could be useful. For me, though, I hardly use more than FM on 2m and 70cm, maybe a little of 6m. But, I don't have much use to upgrade. Although I know a lot of people like to encourage everyone to keep upgrading, and, that's okay, too.

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