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  1. Ignore the guy above. He didn’t get it. I’d bet your radios receive tone is not programmed correctly
  2. Awsome. Yes range can be surprisingly good given the correct circumstances. People tell me all day long I don’t get 200 miles from my 20w base station from Southern California to Las Vegas Nevada but it happens all the time. I make 2 nets a week. We also have a huge repeater that gets from the ocean to the desert And many in the club are 60+ miles away using hand helds. Radio….It’s a fun thing when it works out.
  3. AND…. Even if that’s true, he did say gmrs compatible, who cares. I’d be very willing to be there are more non compliant radios in gmrs then compliant.
  4. Well normally I’d say ANYTHING is better than midland but retivis is waaaay down on the list as well. One is waay over priced and the other is still over priced. One well work ok and one doesn’t work well at all. There are much better radios available for the same or less money with the same or more features.
  5. I still use uv5r radios all the time. I have many other motorola and wouxun radios as well but the cheap boof wangs get used more. all the hand helds all transmit just as far $20 or $500
  6. Put the plus 5 back in. It has to be there. The repeater receives on 1 and transmits in the other. If you sent it up correctly it will work. Also put it on high power. Get everything set up then lower the power if you want if you can
  7. Totally agree. Hate them! Over priced junk. Can’t stand them. Don’t even want to look at them. Don’t want to hear about them. Marketing gimmicks. Total rip off.
  8. Get a programming cable, Down load chirp and use GM-5RH as the radio. 100xs easier then on the face of the radio. can you here traffic on the repeater? How far are you? Are you close enough to hit it with an HT? Good line of sight?
  9. I’d remove the battery’s because IF anything happens to them, they get too hot or too cold ect, with lithium batteries you never know, you won’t loose your radio also. I like to long term store lithium battery’s in fire proof battery socks seperate from radios.
  10. Do you have a need to transmit on ham bands or emergency bands in the event you’re in a life threatening situation where cell phones are not useable? Some people spend a load of time far away from cell phone and gmrs repeaters. Some times those activities can put you in life threatening situations. If that is you I’d leave it open to all frequencies and program as many repeaters and emergency frequencies as I could get my hands on that are local to the area you will be In. If that’s not you are you worried about end of the world, shtf, apocalyptic events? If so leave it open. If your just a gmrs operators that doesn’t care about anything else then set it to gmrs and have fun
  11. Looks ok. Are you sure it’s still active? Can you hear other people on it? Can you email the owner to make sure nothing changed. Maybe they have a weekly net you can check in on.
  12. How far away are you from the repeater? Do you know for sure your radio is working well? Good line of sight?
  13. Yes post the screen shot and post the tones in and out.
  14. Gmrs is super cheap to get into I mean a $20 ht will get many people by once you get out of the city or big mountains. It’s $35 for a whole family for 10years. Other than the stupid fcc web site it’s super easy to get into. Many people see things on the wall and in our future and want some emergency comms. This fits the bill nicely. I do talk to many people that are taken in by ads promising 500mile ranges and what not so they buy the radio only to have to clue how to use it. From what I see ham is growing also just not as fast. For some gmrs is a gateway drug but others are very happy with gmrs especially with all the repeaters and groups and clubs.
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