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  1. Thats what I told him, I had never heard of that brand of radio so thought I would check
  2. Someone asked me if I had ever heard of anyone using a Zastone D9000 with a small duplexer as a gmrs repeater, thought this may be a good place to find out.
  3. Hope they add a fan on the500 and 575, my 400 get so hot you can barely touch it!
  4. That paint job Really blended it into the tree! Interested to see how that holds up , Not sure how water tight they are.
  5. Have 2 operating now, very impressed with coverage. Using Comet CA-712EFC antennas, short runs of lmr 400. These are listed on mygmrs.com, Ranch 650, and Copano Bay 675. The Ranch 650 runs off batteries and solar. located on a hill, antenna at 65 ft. Copano antenna only at 25 ft.
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