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  1. It is to tell the difference between the pro and lite, besides the roger beep,the lite will only transmit at med power on the lower channels 1-7
  2. Just got mine yesterday, checked out at 21.5 watts transmiting, installed in the Rv replacing the handheld I was using there, so far so good, looking forward to using it as mobile base station out in the wilds, talking to the KG1000g in the Jeep or one of the handhelds being used on a hike by people in the family when camping, Since first posting this I have cleaned up the wiring with split wire loom tubing
  3. Thanks, The mic speaker is loud enough that I can turn it down and be fine, I got a ball mount form I am not ure where at the moment that replaces one of the screws for the passenger grab rail, then a 67 Design CF arm, then the face plate is mount to a 67 Design SwitchPro SP9100 Switch Panel that I modified with some new holes and bolts
  4. I installed the base radio under the driver's seat and face plate on a 67 design cf arm attached to a ball mount that installed in the passenger grab rail, running the cable to the face plate would have been cleaner with the base unit under the passenger seat but i could do that because my ARB compressor is already in that space. I hung the mike from another 67 Design arm that is using JeepUniq mic mount and also put a lido mic mount on the drivers side freedom panel so it could be closer to my head when it was really loud in the jeep. In order to mount the face plate i modified a 67 Design SwitchPro-SP9100 Switch Panel Holder. Overall very happy with how it all turned out, The mic speaker volume is loud enough but I like have both speakers on
  5. I am using the Nagoya NL-770G High Gain Mobile GMRS Antenna on a magnetic mount that i attached to a Rhno Rack rotopax mount on the Rhino Pioneer roof rack on my Jeep, works very well
  6. I had one of their BK burritos last week, curious if the problems your are having are just that radio or is it a problem all around. I want to get one for the rv instead of using the HT. I have a KG-1000G in the Jeep, which i like but did not want to go with that much radio for the less used rv
  7. In my Jeep I mounted the radio under the driver seat and the front control panel is mounted on an arm attached to the passenger grab handle
  8. Jeepuniq has a number of 3d printed HT mounts, mostly for jeep but they do have a ball attachment that will work with 67 Design stuff or others https://jeepuniq.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw_dWGBhDAARIsAMcYuJzstGnZEu1p9cqsurBct7gxbuXvRHBcYogvOlMMSwLKdzVETxuAxOkaAh7cEALw_wcB
  9. Channel 22 has sadly become pretty obnoxious
  10. if it is the pro version it will not let you turn on the roger beep only the lite version will
  11. Just got one today for the wife, great little radio, smaller and lighter than the 905G, but the funny thing is out of the three different Wouxun radios i have the 805G, 905G and KG-UV9G it has the largest charger, all three share the same ac adapter but the tray on the 805G is the largest
  12. Well I just added a 805G to the radio family for the wife to use on her hikes with the dogs. I bought it because the 905G is so much more bulky, she would just leave it behind, for me however the the 905 just feels so much more rugged so it will be my HT. Reception wise they feel similar but I may be wrong but the 905 sounds a little better to my ear, I also like the knobs more lees chance of them moving.. I think the 805 is great but for me the ()% seems well worth the extra cost, it just like a better radio, very happy with mine
  13. Thanks, most of that stuff is mounted on a 67Design rail, From Left to right is my phone holder, GR Pro mount, Valetine Radar detector, mic holder and Garmin overland nav unit, the KG-1000G head unit is on a 67Design mount and arm that I modified, I am going back in forth between a Midkand ghost antenna and a Nagoya NL-770G with a NMO to UHF adapter both using a midland magnetic NMO mount, which is stuck to metal disk I mounted on my rack. I also added a LIdo mic mount to the roof of the jeep to bring the mike closer if needed. As to the Jeep there is a long list of mods to that
  14. Welcome, I am new to the GRMS world as well, just installed a KG-1000g in my Jeep and will be using a 905g as the handheld with the Jeep. Mine is 2019 JLUR
  15. Thanks, even though I realize a lot of us buy jeeps to take the top and doors off, I am not a fan of the sun beating down on me, so the top is never coming off on mine, in fact I am getting a 270 awning tomorrow for the lunch stops in the desert. Enjoy the open air.
  16. Just had my KG-1000 mounted in my 2019 JLUR, the mic sits on a 67 Design Nano CF arm with JeepUniq holder mounted to a 67 Design JL rail system, that rail system also has my Garmin Overland, Valentine Radar detector, GoPro camera and IPhone mounted on it. The control unit is mounted on a 67 Design CF Mini arm, that attaches to the passenger grab bar, the radio is mounted under the driver's seat. I also have a Lido Speaker Microphone Mount attached to the headliner so that the mic can be closer to me in loud environments. I am trying three different antennas all of them on the roof rack using a metal plate, the rack is aluminum like most of the Jeep, to attach a Midland magnetic NMO mount, a Midland MicroMobile® MXTA25 for around town general use, and am favoring for long range use the Nagoya NL-770G with a NMO to UHF Female Low Profile Antenna Mount Wattmeter Adapter over the Wouxun ANO-050G, but still playing with each.
  17. I just had a KG-1000 installed in the jeep, will use my KG-UV9G PRO in the RV as a mobile and then the 905G will be both a walk around HT with the jeep and a mobile the rare times I would need on in the wife's car
  18. Finally my 3 905Gs have arrived, feel very solid, even a little chunky, the 3200mAh extra battery is the same size as the standard 2800mAh, thankfully all work fine. Looking forward to using them with the family on our offroad, camping and road trips together. Hopefully they will be worth the wait.
  19. did you get this email from Mark at BSF Email QST UV9G/UV9P 3200mAh Battery Belt Clip Tip A helpful tip to avoid damaging your BLO-012 battery due to a recent Wouxun manufacturing issue. Greetings! Out of the few hundred UV9G GMRS & UV9P HAM radios that I've shipped since March 2021, a handful of owners have reported some problems with the belt clip screws on their BLO-012 3200mAh batteries that come with the radios, or spare batteries that they've ordered since around early March 2021. This doesn't appear to be unique to stock that was sent to BSR. The problem is that the belt clip screws aren't going into the BLO-012 3200 mAh battery far enough to secure the belt clip, and are sometimes shearing the screw heads off when too much force is applied, leaving a broken screw inside the battery's threaded hole, rendering it unable to ever have a belt clip attached. I've been working on this problem for a while now, and while it initially seemed like a problem with some of the belt clip screws being too long, after some trial and error and working with a couple customers on the issue, and now having been confirmed by Wouxun and their parts supplier, we've concluded that there is a problem with the threads inside the screw holes on the BLO-012 battery itself whereby there is some residue from the manufacturing process that is "gumming up" the threads. The problem does not exist with the optional BLO-010 2000mAh batteries because they use a slightly different moulding process. While Wouxun and their parts supplier retool to fix this problem for the production of new batteries, if you want to install your battery belt clip(s), please do not force the screws in. The screws should go in with minimal force, until the last turn against the clip mounting plate. If they get stiff before they even reach the belt clip mounting plate (when held flush against the battery), don't continue to torque them or they may break off inside your battery, rendering it forever unusable with a belt clip. Installation Tip: Instead, as soon as the screw gets a little stiff, back the screw out slightly and then screw it in until it starts to get stiff again. Repeat this process over and over, driving the screw in ever so slightly more as you go, until it goes in enough to make contact with the belt clip mounting plate. You may want to do this initially without the clip in place, to prepare the threads for the installation. It only take a handful seconds to do this and when done properly, will thoroughly "clean" the threads and avoid breaking the screws. When you do affix the belt clip, avoid using too much torque on the final turn against the clip mounting plate, as it's just not necessary to hold it in place securely. If your screws are still not "cleaning" up enough the threads enough to go in far enough before getting to stiff, then you should wait until I can send you new steel screws that Wouxun is sending me, or try the following washer method below. Alternate Solution: Another solution is to use a 1mm or slightly thicker washer with the screw (between the clip plate and the screw head, not under the clip plate) to help bridge the gap. This works and will be fairly secure, but not quite as good as using the "thread cleaning" method above. I will publish the recommended washer size as soon as I can find time to figure it out myself. If you have already accidentally broken off a screw in a new BLO-012, I am offering a battery replacement discount (email me from the BSR contact page with your order # for details). I'm sorry if this issue has caused you any inconvenience. It's been hard to track down, but we at least know what the problem is now and should have a formal solution soon. In the meantime, use care if you do attempt to install your belt clip. Cheers and thanks, and please keep the amazing UV9G & UV9P reviews and reports coming as I continue to ship them out as fast as I possibly can! -Mark
  20. I bought some from Amazon. I thought who knows might prove useful on other projects in the future, the metric 2.5 x 5 worked well. To be honest at first I thought it was just my mistake, so that is why I did my own repair. I later found out there is a problem with the original threads have some glue or paint in them. Also normally it would not have been an issue since I rarely used belt clips, but the holder in the vehicles needs it.
  21. I also snapped off a screw on one of my ext batteries, tried to drill it out, but that was not working for me, so just drove out the the brass nut insert with a punch and replaced it with a new one. Grabed a new screw and all is good. After I did this, BSR sent out a notice about a problem with the screw inserts, and a guide to help solve the issue, apparently Wouxun is aware of the problem and is working to fix it
  22. I got the notice that mine have shipped, I ordered them on 3/18
  23. After waiting for 2.5 months and many hopeful "expected ship dates"I have given up on looking at "expected ship dates" they will get here when they do
  24. my first was the Midland GXT1000 Then while waiting for my order of some Wouxun KG-905Gs, for me and the family I bought one Wouxun KG-UV9G Lite and won a Wouxun KG-UV9G PRO at an event Still want the Kg-905Gs for the family and one for me as a more robust HT when out of the jeep while offroading, installing a KG-1000 in the jeep One Wouxun KG-UV9Gs will go in the motor home and the other is in the wife's car
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