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Does Line A still exist?


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The modified Rules have references to that situation as found in 95.307 and 95.309.  These newly worded paragraphs can be found in the first part of the new Rules for the entire Personal Radio Services introduction in Subpart A, at the very top of the page:





Section 95.309 may be of help.

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I'm not seeing the restriction anywhere. Am I just missing it?


I also remember reading in at least two places on the web that the restriction no longer existed for FRS and GMRS. And, like K2zs, I can't seem to find the information sources again. If memory serves, someone had posted that their new license didn't have the restriction specified.


Has this been figured out?

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Well, I happened to think that the ULS might show that information so I looked up a new, 10 year license. The restriction is there on the ULS. This is strange because it is not mentioned in part 95© or (E) and there appears to be no international agreement listed.


I'm stumped.

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Line A does still exist.


Part 97 (Amateur) is still clear on its' existence, with respect to 420.00-430.00 Mhz.  Canada is using that portion of the 70 cm band for government frequencies.


Part 95?  Why wouldn't it still exist?

I'm not clear on your question. I and others can't find Line A mentioned in Part 95 and we can't seem to find the frequencies listed in the FCC treaties/agreements list. Have you found them?

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I don't know where it's mentioned in the rules, but I'm sitting here looking at an associate's recently issued (01-27-2018) GMRS license renewal in front of me and it states the following.


Licensees who operate North of Line A and East of Line C may not operate on channels 462.650 MHZ,467.650 MHZ, 462.700 MHZ and 467.700 MHZ unless your previous license authorized such operations.


So it would seem to me that those lines continue to exist.






P.S. And would someone please notify the FCC that the word megahertz is abbreviated MHz, and to always use a blank space after a comma. :)

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We know it is on the licenses but if it isn't in the regulations then it doesn't hold water, does it? The license parameters are spelled out in Part 95. If there is no definition of the restriction, either in Part 95 or in supra, then it isn't enforceable.

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1 hour ago, WRPB409 said:

My GMRS License was granted on 1-14-22 and there is a reference to not operating North of Line A and East of line C on 462.650 MHZ, 462.700 and 467.700 unless a previous authorized such operation.  

My license was granted 11-02-2021, and lists the three you have above, and also 467.650 MHz. 

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