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RepeaterFinder versus myGMRS


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In general terms, it is at the discretion of repeater system owners to list their equipment in any such web location that they choose and to maintain up to date details as posted in the various databases. Since it is the owner's responsibility to maintain up to date details or to remove any listings that are no longer active, the databases are only as good as the information the owners supply or delete.

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Oddly enough, clicking Forums on the RepeaterFinder.com landing pages links directly here (forums.mygmrs.com). And, I am able to actually login to RadioReference.com using my MyGmrs credentials.


So, my conclusion is they are two interfaces to to the same site.  As to why the data would be different...  


Rich? (Not expecting an immediate answer since he hasn't been online in a month)

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I tried to register in to Repeater Finder and couldn't. Turns out my login for this site got me in, seems to be same data, I can't edit mine, but yeah...I was confused too!


Added: I just noticed the DB at RF seems to be behind. I had removed something from the DB here a while back, but it is still on the RF site. I added a new one today, I'll see how long it takes to show up over there. 

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Why do some repeaters listed on "Repeater Finder" and not listed on "MyGMRS"? There is one repeater not listed on mygmrs but listed on repeater finder. My repeater is listed both sites. Information changed on MyGmrs changes on the other. Just asking.



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