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I use a Telewave 44A Broadband 20-1000 MHz as it requires no collection of slugs and measures power up to 500W.


HRO has them for $860 but you can find a lightly used one on ebay for a few 100 bucks, some may have current calibration and if your lucky the case.



I went down the Bird rout and realized the cost of slugs adds up quick and decided on the Telewave 44 was a better investment.

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I use the Yaesu YS-500. I just looked it up and apparently it was discontinued. It was just over $100 a few years ago. I have heard that even if low cost meters are not extremely accurate across their entire range, they are fairly decent when you are close to 1:1 SWR. 


Perhaps the MFJ 873 at around $80 might be a low cost unit that would work well enough?

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