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B-Tech 50X1 vs QYT KT-980 plus from Nat. net convo



From the conversation after national net tonight (8/2/20 around 22:00 EST) around BTech 50X1 vs QYT KT-980 Plus. Based on one account these radios are essentially the same, but the QYT has different software and will tune to VHF @ 75W and UHF @ 55W (which will include GMRS) and is a few dollars cheaper.


If anyone is looking into a QYT KT-980 Plus, I found one on amazon.




I am definitely considering this unit as I will eventually merge into HAM as well. While it seems like a somewhat limited HAM machine it will surely get me started at least in VHF/UHF. That is, before i jump into something much more capable and, of course, much more expensive as well. :)


If anyone would like to share additional information, I (and I'm sure many others) would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!



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Who cares, they are both mediocre radios at best. And for the money you sink in any of those two, you can easily buy a much better performing used LMR radio, from Motorola, Kenwood, Icom... and yes, there are part 95 LMR radios too.... but I wouldn't harp much on that "legality" as its been stated that it won't be a problem to run Part 90 gear on GMRS.



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