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Just weird and look at the price tag

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Clicked on an ad on Facebook out of curiosity. Click technical specs and it indicates FRS, 1 watt ERP. Pretty expensive for FRS radios that look similar in profile to smart phones. 




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It seems a bit sketchy. It appears to be related to an indiegogo project called Power Talkie that was an FRS portable that required linking to a smartphone to communicate. A bunch of folks still waiting for those devices complaining on indiegogo.


I am sticking with commercial part 95 radios.

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Got a good laugh out of that. A slim profile, so others don’t know what you’re carrying? Yes, I’m sure they’ll want your FRS radio which will likely be non-functioning because you bought it and completely neglected it. This is simply the new face of the snake oil salesman of old times lore. Fixd is another fine example of this, albeit with a different sales pitch which doesn’t revolve around SHTF or whatever.

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2x Kenwood TK-3180
3x Kenwood TK-380
Motorola HT750
Kenwood TK-3700
3x Kenwood TK-350G
Kenwood TK-353G
A whole slew of BaoFeng BF-888S and GT1 radios
Kenwood TK-880
Kenwood TK-890
Kenwood TK-8360


Here's my list of just HT's, they all work and are programmed:


Tri Band:
1 x TH-D74A VHF/UHF tri-band analog/D-Star Digital (MARS/CAP mod)
1 x UV-5X3 VHF/UHF tri-band 128 channel
1 x TH-350 VHF/UHF tri-band 128 channel

Dual Band:
1 x TH-G71A VHF/UHF 200 channel
1 x UV-5R VHF/UHF 128 channel
1 x D878UV VHF/UHF analog/DMR Digital


Multi Band:

1 x FT817 HF/VHF/UHF (MARS/CAP mod)

5 x TK-270G-1 VHF 128 channel
1 x TK-2000 VHF 16 channel (International Version)
2 x TK-2170-K VHF 128 channel
1 x TK-2140-1 250 channel (European Version)
2 x TK-2140 US version 250 channel
2 x TK-2160 VHF 16 channel

1x TK-2360 VHF 16 channel

2 x TK-370-1 UHF 32 channel
4 x TK-370G-1 UHF 128 channel
1 x BF-888S UHF 16 channel
2 x TK-3170-K UHF 128 channel
4 x TK-3160-1 UHF 16 channel
1 x T5720 (Motorola FRS Radio)

I have a few dead ones in a junk draw that I may try to fix at some point or use for spare parts.

Charger Collection:

5 x KSC-25
1 x KSC-25 (Chinese Clone mod'ed with Anderson Power Pole Input)
4 x KSC-16
1 x KSC-23
1 x KSC-35S

Various chargers for specific Chinese and non Chinese Ham radios.


Then there are the battery packs, antennas, mobile and base radios too.....

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