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Replacing TK880 (863 or 8180?)


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Cardinal sin: busted the antenna off my Yamaha Wolverine out elk hunting.  Didn't know it til I tried to call a buddy and got nothing but receive.. whelp, I burned up the finals so it's dead meat (great scanner though).


Going to replace it with an 863, slightly newer that has the same programming and cable, or the 8180 folks here seem to like, but different programming and cable than 880/863.  Hmmm???


A local to home repeater ID hit me at 50+ miles LOS when at 7000', repeater at 5500'.  Unfortunately, I couldn't TX to it to try it out but suspecting I can talk to home from there, a 90 mile road distance.  Good stuff when my Verizon phone has zero service from the same place.  Also, from the same spot, heard some ham folks on their weekly meet from somewhere in Idaho but with no ham license and no TX couldn't chime in.


All good stuff, just remember to unscrew the antenna when going thru low hanging branches.. d'oh.


Thanks for listening.

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Did you fill your elk tag?

I didn't kill an elk but I helped two others get theirs, one at 3pm on the last day - both 17yr. olds and their first elk.  One of the father's is "terminal" so it was a very special day for them.  Also, rolled my SxS getting one of the elk off the mountain.  I survived w/o injury and damage to the Wolverine was minimal - lay on it's side for 48 hours, let it sit for half an hour when uprighted and it fired and ran first try.  Long story but the dead radio, topic of this thread, is a minor detail of the full adventure, along with a busted Stihl chainsaw and RotoPac mount.  I'm a very thankful old guy right now.. might make yet one more birthday.. 


Wouxun HTs were flawless (battery life longer than TK-3170) and the 880 was great 'til I torched it.  Earbuds are a must for hunting.

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