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magnetic to nmo question



I have a Midland MXT275 with a magnetic mount. I have it sitting on a ditch light bracket on my hood and I get pretty good range. It uses the stock magnetic antenna, I have it RTV'd to the base to secure it a bit better. I was thinking to convert it to NMO for a more permanent mount, I have a Midland 3db ghost antenna and have a base. The coax is 1/8 from the factory at about 14' that I have payed out back and forth in the trimwell. 


Can I just cut the cable and solder in the new NMO mount. or does it require a certain thickness/ impedance cable for NMO. The current configuration gives me enough range for my purposes, but I would like something that is fastened to the bracket. 


Also If I do cut the cable, should I reduce the length? I currently only have a SWR meter that I used with my CB's back in the day. Not sure if I need another type of meter. 




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Just buy an NMO mount with pre-installed RG-58u coax cable. You would be surprised at how much power you are losing in that cheap 1/8 inch coax from Midland.


...and as N4GIX just said, don't try to use a CB type SWR meter on UHF.  1/4 wave antennas and "ghost" style antennas aren't tunable anyway, so you won't need a meter.

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