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MURS DMR Question?

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Just another dumb question..


You are not allowed to have a repeater on MURS as there are no  repeater offsets to use in this band.

The Anytone D-578UV pro I have can do a DMR repeater function on one channel. Transmit on time slot 

#1 and receive on time slot #2. Would this be legal? Just using one channel. DMR and encryption are 

permitted on MURS. What are you thoughts...





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Where did you read that DMR was allowed on MURS? I've been of the understanding that MURS is analog only. Is this part of the Part 95 "short digital bursts" for GPS location data like what was allowed in GMRS ?  I could be wrong - so feel free to enlighten me. I never sit up at night reading the FCC rules anymore.  I've been under the impression that MURS still allowed some analog Wideband on just 2 channels - but not DMR. 


Also - is the Anytone  D-578UV a Part 95 Certified radio? Is it Part 90?

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MURS allows for digital data only afaik, no digital voice is allowed. So you can do things like remote control via digital using MURS.


Repeater operation in MURS is not allowed, regardless of repeater configuration. 


Even the suggestion of using an 65 Watt AT-578 on MURS with encryption is not something I would be posting about in a public GMRS forum


I own one of those and I think its a part 90 radio.



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I stand corrected. DMR, P25, and other digital voice mode are NOT allowed on MURS.

The 578 is a Part 90 radio.

The power level may be set as low at 5 watts. Programmed per channel.

65 Watt radio? I wish. 50 watts VHF and 40 watts UHF.

Thanks for the correction. Still learning.



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