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New Feature: Clubs


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Hi everyone!

As many of you know, we updated our forum software recently and one of the new features we're excited about launching is Clubs! Let me introduce what they are and how they benefit everyone.

What are Clubs?

"Clubs" are an exciting new way for GMRS groups and clubs to have their own area to post information, events, and photo galleries. This feature is a great way to keep private information like repeater access tones, rosters, and other information hidden from regular myGMRS users, but make it available to the group's members.

What information can I post?

You can post discussion topics (like a mini-forum) for your group, a photo gallery, and a calendar of events. Use this to share information with your members or allow them to ask questions. You can post your sensitive members-only information such as the repeater access information, Zello information, or anything else that you don't want to make public to all users of myGMRS. Just be sure to set the visibility of the club appropriately so only members can see the posts.

What about groups that charge membership fees?

This is the best part! If your group charges members a fee to access the group or its repeaters, for example, you can create a paid Club listing! You can set the membership fee and renewal terms, and we'll handle the processing of the payments and renewals for you!

Once you approve the member and they have paid, the member will then gain access to the Club and be able to view any private information contained within it. As long as they continue to renew each term, they will remain part of the Club. Once their subscription lapses, they will lose access to the Club and no longer be able to see private information.

Every time we collect payment from the members, we deposit the funds into your account on the Forums, less a small fee for using the service. You can then withdraw these funds for free to your PayPal account or request a paper check by mail.

Can I approve who joins a club?

Great question. Any time a member chooses to join a private club, a request is sent to the club owner. The owner can choose to accept or deny the request. This is great if you have someone who you need to deny access to, such as a banned user. Even if they try to join a paid Club, they will need to be granted access before they can pay. This allows you to fully manage who joins your group, or choose to open it to everyone.

What is the cost to use the new Clubs feature?

Right now, only Premium Members of myGMRS.com will be able to create a club listing. A Premium subscription is an optional upgrade that allows you to use advanced features such as creating a Club. You can create a Free Club for no additional charge, or you can create a Paid Club where myGMRS will take a small percentage of the membership fees for providing the service (and to offset our own payment processing fees on the credit cards or PayPal transactions). Regular myGMRS members can join any clubs they wish for no charge, except for Paid Clubs that have a membership fee. Joining a club does not require a Premium subscription to myGMRS.

How do I create a club listing?

Right now, we're still beta testing this feature out. You can join existing clubs, but you won't be able to create your own just yet. We are also still in the process of creating Premium subscriptions. Until we open up Premium subscriptions to everyone, you won't be able to create a club listing. We're busy working on other Premium features so you get more bang for your buck!

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