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Btech GMRS V1 as a repeater



Has anyone used the GMRS V1 to setup as a repeater like what has been done with the Baofeng UV 5R?  I am trying to setup a repeater station for ,y grandkids to be able to talk to each other and their parents while camping or why they are riding bicycles in their community. I have Baofeng UV 9R Plus radios. Tried to set these up. Everything works fine. but when I try and access with GMRS-V1, I cant change the Repeater channels  to allow for the "-" duplex. When I do it will only receive. . Any help will be appreciated.





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with the v1 programing you have to put the repeater on the channel that is the freq of the repeater ie. for a 600 repeater you have to use channel r17 or 17r or 25, dont remember exactly what it was on the v1 i programed, i also used the software to do the one i did. so i set up the tones and the freq shift in it

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5 hours ago, kb2ztx said:

if your trying to use the radio as a repeater its not going to work. If your trying to set it up to use a repeater then check programming.


The radio, by itself, does not have the ability to be a repeater. You could make one out of a pair of radios with a controller box, but the fact that the tx channels are hard coded kind of limits how you would be able to set it up..you might be able to use the extra channels (programmed via chirp) to set the receive frequency, with the tx radio set to a simplex channel.

That aside, a v1 wouldn't be able to use a repeater set up with a negative offset, because again, the tx channels are hard coded for gmrs simplex, and for standard+5 offset on the repeater channels. Anything else programmed will be receive only.

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