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Cable/Sat-TV cables used for GMRS/Ham radio



We have been through a number of Cable/Sat-TV providers now (change from time-to-time due to pricing/performance).  Each new one seemed to install their own cables in our attic, and the old ones all leave their old cables/connectors behind.  I probably have 50-100' of coax for TV (not sure of the actual type/number), and numerous connectors and splitters.  Shame to waste it all.

So I was thinking... with the right connectors ordered off Amazon, maybe I could use the TV-Coax stuff as if it were cheaper RG-58.  I know it's not LMR400, but it would still save me $ not having to buy 100' of RG-58.

Thoughts please?


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Most of the cable TV stuff will be 75 Ohms - not the 50 Ohms that GMRS equipment would want to see. Would it work? yes, to a degree. You'll have higher losses and higher SWR than you would with "real" 50 Ohms coax. You will also find out that they don't really make LMR connectors that fit 75 Ohm cable (at least, not correctly.) You can buy some semi-expensive adapters or build your own toroid coils to deal with it.  Putting a cheap radio together with cheap cable that's 75 Ohms will probably lead to a bunch of headaches, but if it ultimately means one more burned up CCR and a learning experience - then I'd probably be in favor of it.

I would guess that in the long run, you'll end up buying more stuff in an effort to "save money" than you would have spent to do it right in the first place.

If you want to get up higher so that you can get out further, using cheap CATV coax is NOT the way to go. 






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