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TIDRadio BL-1 Bluetooth Wireless CPS Programmer


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Randy of YouTube channel NotaRubicon released the following video (link below) recently.  It discusses a new product: the TIDRadio BL-1 Bluetooth Wireless CPS Programmer.  It's a dongle which supports programming certain radios without the need for a PC or programming cable.  For the small list of radios it supports currently, you plug the dongle in the radio and using an app on your smartphone you program the radio.

I assume the list of supported radios might grow over time.  Also, though it appears to support the Baofeng UV-5R, that might be for the base model and not all variants currently.  Also, I have no idea how good this device is at this point (e.g., are there significant bugs?).  If interested, do your own homework.

If anyone has obtained this device and used it, please give us your feedback.



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It was an easy "impulse" buy for me at $22 and my desire to see the existing limits of this technology.

The list of current models that it supports is woefully short; missing my two desired models: my Anytone AT-779UV in my car and my recently purchased for $28 Pofung P15UV (a/k/a Radioddity GM-30) for use in wargmrs'ing to detect repeater tones with its tone scanning feature.

But it does support the Baofeng UV-5R for which I currently have 3 variants: UV-5RHP (8 watt), the UV-5x3 (tri-band) and RD-5R (DMR).

So far I have only used it successfully with my UV-5RHP and unsuccessfully with my Pofung P15UV.

I have yet to read the supporting User Sheet and it is relatively intuitive and easy to install (after first charging it with its included USB to USB Micro cable):

Plug the device into the K-1 speaker/earphone jacks, turn on its power switch and turn on the UV-5R's power switch.

Download the ODMaster App on my iPhone, click Program, then Connect Bluetooth, Turn on the Bluetooth connection to "TIDRADIO KIT, Select Model: BaoFeng UV-5R, click Read and as the transceiver blinks red, the BL-1 blinks green and the status bar moves from left to right on the ODMaster App.

It then goes to Program & Setting with a choice of Channel or Function and all of the normal "Chirp-style" options are available as downloaded and easily modified and then click WRITE to upload the changes, with the blinking lights now both green as it uploads.

I have not yet been able to get the SAVE feature to work: it presents me with a box that says Save to RX/TX List and I can give the file a name and then Confirm it. But I do not know where these files are stored and how to retrieve them.  

If I try to "experiment" with a model that is not the same as my HT, such as trying to experiment with my Pofung P15UV, it freezes up and I have to shut the dongle down and restart.

I am somewhat optimistic that they will soon support the P15UV as TID Radio sells their clone, the TD-H5.

I am not very optimistic about my RD-5R which is manufactured by Radioddity based upon their GD-77 DMR HT in the Baofeng format. Not even Chirp tends to support DMR radios which require more complicated database programming.

And my Anytone has a R45 microphone/USB cable connector, so I am not too optimistic about this one either (although I would be willing to make a K-1 to R45 adapter if the ODMaster software ever supports it or one of its clones (Radioddity DB-20G)).

Later today, I will pull out the User Sheet and see what I am missing.

So next to confirm it works with my Baofeng Tri-bander, as well; which I suspect it easily will.

All in all, it does what it claims to do but with a very limited list of supported radios at this time.

And with new radios added to the list, presumably only the ODMaster software has to be Updated and still work with the BL-1 hardware.

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MichaelLAX, thanks for your detailed comments.  Somewhere (review on Amazon? comments on NotaRubicon's video?), somebody also mentioned a question about where the save feature stores files.

I wonder if the files are saved in a default app/folder on the phone.  For example, iPhone has a "Files" app/folder.  I assume there is an equivalent on other phones.

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2 hours ago, mrgmrs said:

MichaelLAX, thanks for your detailed comments.  Somewhere (review on Amazon? comments on NotaRubicon's video?), somebody also mentioned a question about where the save feature stores files...

That was probably my comment/question to Randy's video; currently unanswered.

The Users Guide does not help much above what I already knew, unfortunately!

What is really missing is the Open File button, it seems to me!

The Save feature would be handy, but not indispensable; especially if there is no way to convert it to a Chirp file.  

I will inquire more deeply if/when TID updates the models to include the TD-H5 (Pofung P15UV).

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I have a pair of UV-5X(G) GMRS radios. I ordered a TID bluetooth programmer from Amazon in September 2021.

At first it was not supported and I e-mailed TID. The responded that they were working on it.  Within a few weeks, the App was updated and included the radio. 

It is a little clumsy to use, but for in the field I could see were this would be helpful.  I like using CHIRP for most of my programming. 

I have e-mailed them again because I purchased a KG-UV8D Plus which is not supported. Let's see if they respond. As a mater of fact they actually do not have any Wouxun radios listed.  

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On 12/13/2021 at 2:26 PM, Weasleyoc said:

As a mater of fact they actually do not have any Wouxun radios listed.  

There are even some models of TID radios that are not listed. The TD-H5 GMRS radio is one such model.

I think they'd generally want to support their own products before adding other products to their application.

Certain Baofeng models may be the exception to this rule by virtue of the sheer number of radios sold, which would have a significant impact on the potential audience for this product.

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