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Issue between Wouxun KG-935G and Midland MXT275



I recently installed a Midland MXT275 in my wife's Jeep.    I set the MXT275 on channel 6 with CTSS privacy tone 2.   I then programmed the privacy tone into my Wouxun handheld to test range.    I was about 2 miles away in town and my wife was back in our development (I had the Jeep she had the handheld).   I was able to receive and transmit to a neighbor using a cheap Walmart FRS without any problems.    Despite being able to hear me loud and clear from the Jeep, I couldn't hear any transmissions from my wife (who was using the handheld).    I'm confident I programmed in the correct CTSS code on the handheld.

Any thoughts what might be causing my issue?

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I also think the issue is tones. You need to be certain the tones are the same. Privacy codes are set by the manufacturer and may not be the same transmitted code. There are 50 different tones used for squelch quieting so code 2 may not be the same from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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4 hours ago, wqpn591 said:

Midland MXT275 tone 2 is 71.9 per the chart in the manual. https://www.buytwowayradios.com/downloads/dl/file/id/1434/product/4523/midland_mxt275_owners_manual.pdf

use that CTCSS tone on the Wouxun for both Tx and Rx.

71.9 Hz is tone 3 on the Wouxun (page 79):


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