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I recently bought a Wouxon KG-UV9P. A review:


First, I like this radio, but I had intended to purchase the KG-UV8H. I wanted the KG-UV8H because it is so like the KG-935G that I already have for GMRS. I was impressed with the build quality of the 935G. I wanted to be able to share batteries and chargers, etc. They are not compatible with the UV9P.


The KG-UV9P is just not up to the quality of the 935G. Some examples: 1) The TINY screw that attaches the belt clip snapped off when I tried to fasten the clip. Also, the clip attaches to the battery, not the radio. 2) The cover for the computer cord (on the side) is flimsy and does not seem like it will be as protective as the one on the 935G. To make it worse, the TINY screw that holds it down is not 'captured'. So any time you need to remove the cover, there is a good chance of losing the screw. 3) The screen is difficult to see even impossible it you are outside. There is not provision for a back-light when in standby mode. It just goes black.


I still like this radio. A big plus is that it is CHIRP compatible. Even though the build quality is not what I expected, it is still solid. Keep in mind that I was looking for a radio similar to the KG-935G. I really intended to get the UV9P, but that was a shopping error on my part. If in doubt, go ahead and spend the extra $10.00 for the KG-UV8H, I wish I had.

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