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Converting older MXT115's to wide-band




The Midland MXT115 has been a useful and reliable radio for me.  I own two of them.  I very much like the small size, which
Midland has coined the term “Micro-Mobile”.  It is rugged and seems to be very good quality.  The only complaint I’ve heard from other people is that they can’t hear me as well (or as loud) as people using wide-band radios.

So Midland has now upgraded the MXT115 (and added 10% to the price).  The newer MXT115 is (reportedly) wide-band capable and can do split tones.

I’ve considered buying two more of these just for the wide-band capability (I currently have no use for the split tone capability, but may in the future).  It’s just such a shame to decommission my two existing radios and I hesitate to do so.  There’s just got to be a way to convert the older MXT115’s to be wide-band capable.

I know it’s my problem, and cannot expect anyone else to do my work for me.  But I don’t know where to begin.  Does anybody have any leads on if or how this could be done? 

Maybe the Chirp guys are working on it already, he said hopefully….


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I purchased my first VHS VCR in 1979 for $1,000

One year later, they came out with a new model that had a long cord that plugged into the back and you could hit a button to pause the commercials; for $1,000.

One year later, they came out with a new model that had a wireless remote; for $1,000.

Now do you think the idea of a wireless remote was too advanced for their engineers in 1979? 

I think marketing just said: release a new "cool" feature every year so we can sell new models to existing owners!

Just a brief note of history...

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i wouldn't expect to be able to. Most chinese made gear actually everything now a days pretty much everything is not made with upgrades in mind. Your best bet is to check with Midland to see if it is even possible with replacing the entire main board and installing a new flash rom with the new firmware.

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