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Is the Baofeng GMRS-9R the fully fixed version of the Baofeng UV-9G?



After watching @OffRoaderX's review of the Baofeng GMRS-9R, I've been wondering if it's a fully fixed UV-9G without the 8 issues outlined by him back in August, listed below. The ones I have crossed-out I believe are not applicable to the GMRS-9R based off of his review and reviews on Amazon, but if I am wrong, please correct me of course.

Does the GMRS-9R have the following issues that existed on the original inventory of UV-9Gs...

  1. Pre-set CTCSS/DCS on all stock channels?
  2. All channels set to narrowband?
  3. Difficulty swapping the screw to/from the headset cover to/from the programming cable (solved by including two screws in the package)?
  4. Missing CHIRP compatibility?
  5. Baofeng's programming software is in RAR and not ZIP?
  6. Cannot change transmit power with the "#" button?
  7. Inflexible DIY channels?
  8. Antenna interface cannot accommodate other antennas such as the Nagoya NA-771G without modification?
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Straight from the horses-ass...Erhh.. MOUTH..

#3 - The GMRS-9R (mine at least) does not come with a programming cable -So... problem solved!

#5 - The software for the GMRS-9R is in .RAR (not really a big deal).. I just use CHIRP - problem solved!

#6 - The # button only changes power level when in VFO mode.. You get the "screw-you" tone in channel mode

#8 - Fixed! Both the Abbree flexible antenna (with a huge base) and the Nagoya 771 fit

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1 hour ago, MichaelLAX said:

Who is Abbrree and why are they selling this radio instead of Baofeng?

They've been pushing the tacticool folding tape measure antennas on Amazon for awhile...perhaps they've decided to take a shot at what btech has done with baofeng and what btwr and others have done with wouxun... spec'ing a run of certified/certifiable radios?

The telling part would be whether there's another source for that model besides Abbree. If not, custom spec is probably what it is....for Baofeng, its a win because they just make the radios and ship them, Abbree takes the risk on whether they'll sell or not.

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