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Programing Baofeng GM-15 Pro



Im working on trying to program my gm-15 pro to work on a local repeater, I have to use the Radioddity Software as chirp doesn't work with it. Raddioddity doesn't have a "tone" setting just a ctcss/cdcss decode section, Im assuming this is the same thing I've double checked the DPL code on the repeater i want to use and it still isnt connecting, any pointers as to what Im doing wrong?




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They are the same..

Try removing the Decode tone to see if that helps, unless you are absolutely certain that the repeater uses the same decode and encode tones.

It is also possible that you are simply out of range of the repeater - EVEN if you can hear it, that does not necessarily mean that you can hit it.  Try going outside or driving closer if necessary.

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