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UHF linear amplifier



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The biggest issue with what you are asking is finding an amplifier that will take the little bit of power that repeater puts out and amplifying it to 50 watts.  One of the issues you will run into is the amp will need to be type accepted for GMRS and I don't believe there are any that are.

Second issue is amp's typically don't have a 10dB gain number.  Meaning 5 in for 50 out. it's less than that.  Most of what I have seen in the commercial world was 6 dB of gain.  which would be 5 in and 20 out.  BUT 20 isn't bad with a good antenna, feedline and height of the mount for the antenna. 

Unless you are having specific coverage issues where the repeater can hear users that can't hear the repeater, the increase of output power does nothing except stroke your ego that you have 50 watts instead of 5 watts.  And if the receiver in that repeater is not up to the task of hearing as far as 50 watts will transmit, then you end up with an alligator that's all mouth and no ears.  Which leads to interfering with other repeater owners or prospective owners that can't use that pair because of interference.


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It's possible, but not cost effective.  A good quality commercial UHF amp is about $1,000 on the low side, and you may need to either attenuate the the repeater output for a 1w-5w input of a 50w amp or attenuate the amp output, as most commercial amps I have seen that take 10w in, normally make 100w out.


After buying an amp, power supply, attenuator, and associated cables and misc. supplies to make it work, it would definitely be way more money than just buying a Quantar repeater for ~$1,200.


Also, as others mentioned, I am not aware of any type approved amplifiers... so you run the risk of a "no-no" letter from the FCC, if they were to check your repeater site.

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