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Cool old GMRS base


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In the middle of unpacking and found my old GMRS base from my motorhome. We had it mounted in our 5th wheel with a 1/4 wave UHF whip on the roof. When we got the Motorhome I had it on a try band larsen that I would use for the scanner when needed also. Cool part was it would run off the DC power pack if we had power, a 12V cord or batteries. I ran rechargeable in it and when at NASCAR races it would charge all day on solar or generator then run all night on battery. It went off multiple times while in Charlotte one year when the track got warned for a tornado. Had it go off for other severe weather events at other tracks and campgrounds over the years. The antenna was a BNC so you could use the one on it or the mounted antenna. Definitely a cool box for the day. Maybe some day I'll use it again.



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It was narrowband only. My parents had the FRS-1000 unit which was basically the same but with the 14 FRS frequencies and no removeable antenna. Sadly they left it mounted in a 5th wheel they had when they bought a new one. Both did what they were intended to do. We would use them to talk from camper to camper, camper to hand held and use weather alerts. That was the case use so they were ideal. Never had to search for a handheld or find batteries when it was dead. Unit just sat there working. At the time we were running Uniden GMRS mobiles in the driving area/truck and rarely had issues talking to each other via Uniden and this box. 

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Brings back some memories, had a few of these myself. As well as the Uniden handhelds. I found out that the base station units had been donated away, as the wife thought they were old cordless phone bases. But, still have many of the simple Uniden handheld radios. Two digit display and rubberized case that was larger than comparable TalkAbout series Motorola radios at the time, meant easier to hold. When used with these Audiovox base units, spread across the farm, they worked great for a couple of miles, or until the Uniden batteries got low. Base to base was great though, and they were left on all the time between outbuildings and sheds. Wish these were still available, or something like them. AC powered, big buttons, and decent size display. Was easy to teach others that they were a "wireless intercom" rather than a "radio" at times. 

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