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  1. Honestly, if the software transforms the radio into the radio you want it to be, I wouldn't worry about the power. I would program everything for medium power and not look back. I doubt you'll notice a difference in range.
  2. I might be wrong, but I think the cable grip's purpose in life is to hoist the coax up to you. You would use a different device to attach and support the coax on the mast.
  3. As an add on question to the OP's question, isn't the the DVmega and ZUMSpot just hardware that does what the OS tells it to and connects to the network programmed on the sd card? Could you write an image for the sd card to connect to the mygmrs network and have the hardware operate in FM, assuming it's FM capable?
  4. I know there is a amateur radio 2 meter/70cm version, and there are some YouTube reviews of that. I don't have any real life experience with it.
  5. There is a Southeast Virginia GMRS Facebook group. They seem to be pretty active, and might be a great place to start. I believe some of their members are members here also, and might reply as well.
  6. There's no one short of you or your banker to tell you to put up a repeater. Just you. Not the FCC, and no one in the city, county, or state. However, if you want to use someone's repeater, you ask permission to do so. I own a couple repeaters, and I ask users so I know who is using my machines. A NODE is a device with an internet address for you to link a radio or repeater to other radios or repeaters.
  7. There's a repeater in Fredericksburg I think is part of a club. Have you looked into that one?
  8. I checked their website kind of quickly, and I really didn't see where they referenced any type of prepping or a connector to use. I'm glad you got the connectors on and working.
  9. I have no experience at all with the TMX cable, and this is just a guess on my part. Perhaps the tolerances for the TMX are different than the Commscope. Maybe the piece that goes between the outer conductor and the dielectric in the backnut was too large or small. Again, just a guess.
  10. The type of feedline Flameout is referring to does not have a braided outer conductor. How did you prep that cable? Was it done with an all in one prep tool, used with a drill or T handle? If so, was it for that brand and model cable?
  11. As far as I can remember, the Mocat designation for all the cb radios, antennas, and accessories except the in-dash stereo units. Motorola was still big into aftermarket AM/FM car stereos at that time. The 4009 model number was marked as Motorola and not Mocat. It was supposed to have a second receiver just for channel 9 monitoring. I think it had a button to activate the receiver, and did have a second squelch control. I don't know this to be true, but I think they was marketed thru the Motorola LMR shops in order to bid on contracts for state and local police radio sales. The 2000 series were 23 channel radios, and the 4000 series were 40 channels. I've never seen any documentation on decoding the serial number for the manufacture date. I think I saw somewhere on the net years ago that they actually manufactured by a third party. They were pretty good radios, but were expensive, and not as easily peaked and tuned, or adding power mics and such. I did have a 4009 that I got off of ebay, but it was pretty well beat up and did not receive.
  12. Thanks again for the video Marc! It was a fun day for sure!
  13. The Gladiator looks good Marc! Let me know the details on Flagpole.
  14. A flagpole trip sounds good. Uwharrie sounds good, I just have to do some research.
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