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For Sale - Wouxun KG-1000G Plus GMRS Base/Mobile Two Way [SOLD]


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57 minutes ago, markskjerve said:

After MARS/CAP mods on the three listed above:

The FTM-400XDR does 136-174Mhz RX/TX and 400-480Mhz RX/TX

The ID-5100A does 137-174Mhz TX and 400-470Mhz on RX/TX

The TM-V71A does 136-174Mhz RX/TX and 400-470Mhz RX/TX

It's not hard to find how to modify them, YouTube is your friend.

I'd be curious about the power outputs, though, especially on the yaesu. I know there's been some reports of reduced output on gmrs on mars-modded ft-5dr, at something like 1.3 watts, iirc. Power in the ham bands apparently remained unaffected.


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  • cohassetsteve changed the title to For Sale - Wouxun KG-1000G Plus GMRS Base/Mobile Two Way [SOLD]

TYT radios can be unlocked in their proprietary software. load software then download from radio like you would in CHIRP. Then go to the Frequency Range tab, hit "ctrl+f11" and enter the password 9800TYT (this includes the TH-7800/7900). Then you can text edit the TX frequencies from 400Mhz-480Mhz. Upload to radio.

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