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I am 68, and have never even had a CB. I thought it would be a good idea to get into GMRS for disaster preparedness, so I took the plunge. I discovered a community of very nice people, who were into it for a variety of reasons. I decided to introduce myself, and join in on some of the "roundtables".

After a few days, I discovered the downside; troublemakers who ruin the experience for everyone. After several warnings to stop acting up, the "moderator" took "MY" repeater offline. What a crushing blow! It really hurt after making new friends, and then suddenly have them taken away from me. I was also concerned that because I was new, that might be considered the troublemaker. 

I am NOT that type of person! I used to sit around all day watching YouTube videos on various topics, mostly pre sixty-four  horror movies, and current political topics. I found it very refreshing to interact with people again, after so many years of seclusion.

I have so many irons in the fire, that explanations to some of my questions didn't stick, and that irritated some of the members, and I was publicly dressed down for my lack of retention. I meant no disrespect, and I genuinely appreciate every member that tried to clear up my lack of knowledge. I was looking forward to each new day engaging in conversation and LEARNING something new. I didn't think I would ever want to buckle down and dig into a topic. again. And then to have it all snatched away from me in the blink of an eye.

Even though I have only been involved in "amateur" radio for a few weeks, it feels like the death of a close friend. Regarding the creep who was causing all the trouble; how do you catch him, and then make him stop? I suppose you could change the codes, and get word to everyone a few at a tim, but from the little I've learned so far, there isn't anything you can do to make them stop.

609 Bob just across the stateline in Illinois has my information, so I can be "found" or talked to through him. I hope this gets favorably resolved soon. It was/is fun having a new zest for life at 68.

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First, welcome in to the world of radio. It's a lot of fun, you can meet some very interesting people, and as you have already seen, the airwaves (especially repeaters), can be infested with troublemakers. The moderator on the roundtable you were on made the mistake of engaging the troublemaker by issuing "several warnings to stop acting up". This rarely works, the reason being that troublemakers are difficult to locate and they thrive on the attention. They love disrupting communications, and the more people complain, the more they do it. The only way to get them to stop is to ignore them completely, and not even mention the fact that they are making trouble. This comes hard to a lot of people. I've heard troublemakers on roundtables and nets for years on both amateur radio and GMRS, and as a moderator (net control) for some of them myself, it frustrates me to no end when people (especially moderators who should know better) engage them and try to talk them out of making trouble. Taking repeaters off the air when they are being jammed is a necessary evil with linked repeater systems to protect the rest of the users from jammers. Finding troublemakers is a very painstaking, time-consuming process, and it's only possible when the troublemaker is transmitting. And once they're located, there is not much, probably nothing, the FCC or anyone else will do unless it involves jamming of critical communications like law enforcement, emergency services, commercial users, etc. Don't give up though. Listen in, chime in when you can. It's always great when new people get involved. By the way, here's a fun fact, 62 years ago, I was born in the city you live in.

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I have always been interested in two-way radios since the age 4 or 5. My Father wasn't and still is not interested in two-way radios. I guess with TV shows from late 1970s to mid 1980s, I got hooked. Got first CB from my father's brother and learn an important lesson about AC and DC, which I'll skip the details. Of course, by the late 80s manufacturers still had included FCC forms for a Class D individual license. 

You really haven't missed anything, because CB radio became Constant Bull XXXX. GMRS which to me still is a part FCC part 95 A and now 95 E. due to recent changes. 

Happy Holidays

73  DE WQAI363

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@WRVC250 - Welcome to mygmrs!

As others said better, don’t let the few jerks ruin the experience for you.  Listen to as much radio as you can and speak up when you have something to say. Also, don’t hesitate to participate here.

I'm just one year younger than you and I live in a place that has no GMRS repeaters, so I would have to establish my own if I wanted to have one connected to the net.  Instead, I got my ham license.  There are a lot of things going on in ham radio also to get involved with, so for me that’s an interesting place to learn.  Everything I learn about ham radio carries over to GMRS.

Again, don’t hesitate to jump in here.  Maybe the written nature will be easier for you with respect to retention. 

Happy holidays!


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Welcome OP, and glad to see others learn new things radio related. As for troublemakers, we are probably all in that list somewhere at some time, to include here in online forums. You will find a lot of information along with opinion, just look into the source a bit and you will figure out whom to trust. Good luck in here and with radio, whether that be amateur, GMRS, or CB (US AM [ok now also FM] 1970's "Convoy" style). 

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Welcome WRVC250. I feel your pain! I used to do CB so long ago. Never really got out of it, but slowed WAY down. Recently (3 months ago) learned about GMRS and more importantly..... Repeaters. Man did the "hook" set in! Where I live we apparently have had some "troublemakers" as well. The repeater owners have not taken things off line, but have added steps to be able to connect in to the repeaters. This caused me serious disappointment. The owners have made it so existing users can access the repeaters and I have learned how to do it, but my lack of technical knowledge (oh and my ability to over complicate things LOL) did not make it easy. DO NOT give up!!


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I was a CB'er back in the 70's. Got back into it 6 months ago, now all my stuff is for sale, worse than it was back then. Being a newbie to them with 100 watts of power crystal clear on a Stryker puts up their shields. God forbid someone can get out on the local net. My push up mast will be here this week and cant wait to join the conversations. Hoping GMRS will be more civilized.

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19 minutes ago, WRWR489 said:

Hoping GMRS will be more civilized

Its not.. i've caught 2 people jamming our local repeater in the last few month.. Turned out that both were supposed 'friends' ...
It seems that radios just attract a certain kind of assholery.

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