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Always make a backup, before writing a new configuration



Lately, there has seemed to be a large number of folks asking for initial configuration files because they have written to their radio and now their radio is not working as expected. In some cases the result is a bricked radio. I don’t mean this to be critical; it’s exactly the kind of mistake I have made in the past. 

So, I would like to remind everyone who is getting a new radio to always, and I mean always, read and store your initial configuration using whatever software you choose to use.  Save it with the date you read it and the name of the software you used to read it.  Also, if you’re going to flash your firmware, make a backup beforehand AND after.

Second, don’t change software in the midst of configuration.  It might work just fine, but it might not.  In other words, don’t read your configuration to a file with one software and then try to write a new configuration using that file but a different software.  There may be something in that file that makes it incompatible jumping between software programs.  

Finally, as a last resort, I wonder if we could create a depository of initial configuration files, files that are pristine, just as shipped from the factory.  If so, where on this site is a good place?  I can contribute a Radioddity DB20G initial file.


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That's always an excellent practice! 

Due to the large number of models of HT's I own, or just wanted to mess with the programming software, I have to be VERY organized in the way I save and track the code plug files. I use a separate folder for each model type. In each folder if there is more than one sub type or band split I have a folder for it. I also save any original code plugs from the used radios I buy as well. I've attached some screen shots of how I do it. Note the code plugs are all tagged with a date code: xxxxyyzz, xxxx - year, yy - month, zz - day.

Saving old code plugs sometimes helps if I'm making a major editing change and screw something up. At least I have the older version to fall back to.

HT Memory Files 1.jpg

HT Memory Files 2.jpg

HT Memory Files 3.jpg

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