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icom or kenwood


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I want to say I've seen the Kenwood tk8180 and/or 880 in use. Kenwood definitely has a few models that carry dual 90/95a certification...none of them are part of the amateur radio line, though. There's a few members here that are big on Kenwood's and can say better than I ( @Lscottperhaps?)

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If your talking LRM radios yes. I have used the ICOM F420, F221S, F221, F6061 as well as a hand full of the ICOM handhelds. At one point ICOM made a FRS unit but its long been discontinued. All are solid decent units with great receivers. I think @Lscott has a few Kenwood LMR and could answer you on that regard. All my Kenwood LMR stuff is VHF. 

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10 hours ago, WRVQ574 said:

Has any one used Icom or kenwood  mobile radio for GMRS? If so what models

I typically use the handheld radios. A favorite model is the TK-3170 or TK-3173.


A number of those have Part 95 certification. If you don’t care about that there are more models to choose from. If I want to operate GMRS mobile I just use them with an external antenna. The radios also are programmed with Ham frequencies too.


I have just one Kenwood mobile which I don’t currently use.



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to add...i found a thread on the topic on radioreference.com that has some suggestions of some 95a certified Kenwoods; one of the posts on page 3 was even kind enough to provide the FCC ids for their list of kenwood (and other) models.




Kenwood: TK-860HG-1----(40 watts) FCC ID: ALH29383210
Kenwood: TK-8180H-K----(45 watts) FCC ID: K4437313210
Kenwood: TK-8180-K------(30 watts) FCC ID: K4437313110
Kenwood: TK-8150--------(45 watts) FCC ID: ALH32283110
Kenwood: NX-800H-K-----(45 watts) FCC ID: K44378702
Vertex: VX-4207-7-45------(45 watts) FCC ID: K6610354740
Vertex : VX-5500U----------(45 watts) FCC ID: K66VX-5500U
Vertex: VX-3200U----------(45 watts) FCC ID: K66-VX-3200U
Vertex: VX-2500U----------(25 watts) FCC ID: K66-VX-2500U


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I have three TK-880H-1 in cars and at home. It is 40W version with Part 95 certification. They're used to be cheaper than dirt circa 2015, when law enforcement around the country was moving to P25, dumping perfectly good radios. Now they are between $100 and $200 on ebay, depending on condition and accessories.

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