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Need help setting up repeater on my uv 5g


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50 minutes ago, WRVX922 said:

I’m brand new just got my license and will be using my gmrs radios for riding and hiking. I watched plenty of videos on how to but must be doing something wrong. I added them to a channel. Ie. 36 but when I try to key the mike it doesn’t send. I


it may not be so much that you're doing something wrong as just being excessively locked down; some of the Baofeng and Btech stuff (the gmrs v1 handhelds, the gmrs 50x1 mobile among them) disallowed adding any new TX channels beyond the hard coded 30 (22 simplex, 8 repeater)...had to use what it came with, and anything else was RX only.  you may dig back through the documentation (or the listing) to see if this is the case.

Btech has started moving away from this with the gmrs v2 handheld which allows adding some new GMRS TX channels, and it appears the upcoming GMRS50V2 will as well.

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On 1/24/2023 at 6:55 PM, UncleYoda said:

Yes, the UV-5G doesn't allow transmit on the additional channels when programmed from the radio (VFO mode).  Someone else here said using the Chirp software will allow transmit on additional channels.  I haven't tried using Chirp on these yet; just changing the tone is easy enough for my use.

This is correct, if you want to program any repeaters in above channel slot 30 with the ability to TX, you need to use chirp.

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