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BTech GMRS Pro vs Wouxun 935G Plus


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Hello all. I am relatively new to this world. I work in communications for my career, but this is totally different. Currently, I am using the Rugged handheld and it's doing its job. However, I am looking for my next purchase and of course there are a lot of options out there. Leaning towards the two mentioned in the title. 

Both are near the same cost. Can anyone please help me out with the differences and pros/cons? Know the chip vs superheterodyne is a thing but which of these two is better? Looking for clarity on the speaker and ease of use. Anything else one should be aware of or know?

Thank you!!!

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The Wouxun is an example of doing the basics well.  The BTech attempts to substitute advanced features, such as GPS and the ability to send texts.  

I have neither, but my observation over the past year is that everyone with a 935 is pleased and many people with the BTech are on the forums asking how to do very basic things like scanning.

If I had to make the decision I wouldn’t hesitate to choose the Wouxun 935 plus.

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I have both and for my interests I prefer the KG-935G over the GMRS PRO.  Programming the GMRS PRO was a terrible experience from my mobile (iPhone).  The BTECH would be more useful if it's what all my friends have, but it's not so the location and texting features aren't useful to me.  If you're of the "do everything on mobile and don't touch a desktop/laptop computer" type of person you might like the mobile programming aspect, even if it doesn't work well.

The BTECH claims IP67 water resistance whereas the Wouxun claims IP66.  The bottom of this page pretty well illustrates the difference.

The BTECH comes with a 2,600 mAh battery and the Wouxun comes with a 3,200 mAh battery.  However, you can't draw much conclusion about runtime from this alone.  You may want higher capacity at all costs, or you may prefer lower weight.

The full DTMF keypad on the Wouxun may be more familiar to you if you've used any other radio with common keys, whereas the interface on the BTECH is more different.

The Wouxun can store 199 channels, without memory banks (channel groups) whereas the BTECH only offers 6 banks with 30 channels each.  Your use cases will dictate whether "more channels" or "selectable banks of fewer channels" are a better fit for you.

The BTECH offers integrated USB-C charging but the Wouxun does not.

The Wouxun offers dual receive but the BTECH does not.

The Wouxun offers VFO mode (can tune to a specific frequency) whereas the BTECH does not.

I'm not here to tell you if one's better than the other, but there are some key differences that you can weigh against your goals to make a more informed choice.

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I agree with @Sshannon , I went with the KG-935G Plus. It does what it should and well.

Really good info from @muggz as well. They echo what I have seen on the forums here. The only thing I would say about their post is the Wouxun KG-935G Plus does have USB-C charging and a 2600 mAH battery due to the new USB-C charging integrated to the battery. Something they added from the original KG-935.

I see people mention using the Btech GPS to keep track of people in a group for things like snowmobiling. If that’s something you want.

My vote Wouxun KG-935G Plus. 

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4 minutes ago, hughey79 said:

Thank you! That was exactly what I was looking for. There is a lot of talk about the chip and superheterodyne aspect. My initial research is the Wouxun over BTech. 

Anyone else has more information please share!

Yaesu and Icom have both proven that direct conversion receivers can be very good receivers when cost is less of a factor. But an inexpensive superhet still bests an inexpensive system on a chip. 

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5 hours ago, hughey79 said:

Correct me if I am wrong but the 935+ is not a superhet right?

You’re right; I’m sorry for the distraction.  The KG-805G, KG-905G, KG-S88G are all three superhet.  The KG-935 is direct conversion.  I’ve never heard anyone (who actually had one) complain about the quality of the receiver. 

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I don’t own the 935 but I do have the GMRS PRO, and so far I like it, though I don’t have another radio to compare it to. Programming was easy one I worked through the app. Sounds good, and battery life seems to be good even with the GPS on all day. I did order a KG UV9G pro that should be here tomorrow, then I can see how much I really like the GMRS PRO. 

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I don’t have the 935G but I have the BTECH GMRS pro. I also have the Wouxun KG805G. That said I like the GMRS pro . I plan on at some time getting another GMRS pro. I like the Bluetooth programing. Another feature I like is the play back feature. It’s a nice tool for range testing and for testing other antennas. I also like the IP67 rating. Also it seems to be a more rugged Baofeng radio . As far as how it receives it does it as well as my other radios. I plan on using GMRS pro while I’m hunting. What I don’t like is the accessory jack . You have to buy a different cable so you can use other Baofeng accessories. I want to also run mine with a Walker Razor. Hearing protection/ headset in one unit.to do that I have to buy a special cable so I can hook my hand Mike and then buy a cable with 3.5 audio connector on each end of the cable. What I’m getting at to hook any one of my or other radios up all I need is the cable with the 3.5 audio jacks . Usually the pro I have to buy the BTech pro accessory cable. At $22.49 just the only problem I have with the pro.
As far as regular radio performance it seems to do as well as the KG805G and my BTech V1 &V2 radios . Maybe even better.I’m a BTech fan anyway.

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  • 1 month later...

Here is what I just posted in a thread about the GMRS-Pro.

I may try the 935 as avoiding channel groups would be my preference.

I also did not enjoy my “customer service” experience with BTECH via email.

Here’s my post:

I own two BTECH Ppro handhelds and a half dozen UV-9G handhelds. Lots of Nagoya antennas as I like a 701 & 771 option for each radio.

I find programming via Chirp simple on the UV-9G but that isn’t an option on the Pro.

The app used for the Pro is fine for using one of the six available channel groups/banks, but I’ve had a lot of frustration getting the other banks programmed.

As for BTECH’s “USA based” customer service…. it really sucks. Just this week I reached out via email - the only option for contacting them - and we went back and forth, with lots of runaround and no solution. They actually wanted me to film myself programming so they could see what I’m doing. FFS I asked for a simple call, which likely could have resolved the issue quickly, but they refused to assist in a way that was convenient for me, the customer.

I have a Midland mobile 50w unit too and Was seriously considering Baofeng/BTECH mobiles for my other vehicles. Because of the ability to program multiple channel groups.

Now, after being several hundred deep in BTECH/Baofeng, I’m ready to sell all of their stuff and stick with Midland, as they actually have a phone number and people willing to help.

The products may be fine, the support is terrible.

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I don't have an opinion on the WOUXUN 935G, but I do however have an opinion on the BTECH GMRS PRO. I own two GMRS PROs and even though they may not be MOTOROLA radios, I can't complain about them.

  1. Good Audio 
  2. Bluetooth Programming by phone or tablet
  3. All around a great tool to have

I am waiting for BETECH to unveil an Amateur Radio Handheld version for 2m / 70cm with DMR or NXDN IDAS. If it does have NXDN IDAS capabilities, I would have good radio to go railfanning with, since some Class 1 Railroads are using NXDN IDAS in certain areas.

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