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Weekly Repeater Emails


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Has anyone had issues with the links in the weekly emails ? 

I can't open any of the links.

Here is one from todays email - 


I noticed this a month or so ago but thought it was just that email. 


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The link worked for me as did one from the email. However I have noticed sometimes when I open the map page lately that the page remains with advertisements and blank but when I refresh the page then the map page loads. I suspect @Sshannon is correct and it may be security settings related. 

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1 hour ago, wayoverthere said:

I wonder if something isnt a fan of that "awstrack.me" url that's being used as a redirect on all the links.

Chrome ony phone opens it without complaint, but in Firefox, my ad blocker flags it as a hit from the "ad and tracking site" list .

and then I click "Proceed" and the map opens...

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